Black salad plate
£205 –

PTM Images black metal wine rack
£125 –

Handmade teapot
£45 –

Wall art
£30 –


4 months…

I can’t believe I have 4 months of this pregnancy left. 4 months. It’s gone so fast. Too fast. I’m definitely not ready. 

I don’t think it’ll sink that I’m a mother of two until I get home from hospital and the chaos begins. Two children. 2 children. I’m going to have 2 children that are mine. 

This might sound like I’m not excited believe me I am. It’s still a lot to handle. Like a A LOT but I’ve got the best partner for the journey so I know I’ll be ok – As if he needed to prove himself.  I have so far spent the weekend in bed and he has delivered each of my meals plus drinks, all while entertaining our bus-obsessed 2 year old – what an angel. 

I’ll be honest this isn’t the first time and I guarantee it won’t be the last.  As being a parent and being pregnant again is both scary and exciting but I’m looking forward to it even though I’m not ready. 

Update: I wrote this but never posted it. I should have, so here it is. My life has been kicked up several notches yet I wouldn’t change it. 

Quick hello! 

Oh it’s been so long since I’ve been able to access my account! It’s so nice to be back and to free my mind of all my babble! I love how I already feel better now I have somewhere to get my thoughts out of my head! 💜

It’s been a long stressful time and from my perspective it’s only going to get worse but as there is nothing I can do, I’ll just have to go with the flow. 

Pregnancy and wedding planning. What kind of person does both at the same time? 
I have more to say on both but for now I’m going to enjoy being back.