That’s settled then!

So… it’s already been decided that I’m having a little girl. Cute? No.

The same person that has decided that also believed that even though I didn’t want to find out it was unfair of me to keep it from her and others. I’m so selfish, aren’t I?

Apparently I’ve already held some weird pre-birth christening as friends and family are telling that they are godmothers… seriously?!

Gahh! Some of these people don’t even have their own children but seem very eager to impart their unwanted advice and ‘wisdom’ upon me. Either I want to do things MY way. I may sound like a toddler having a tantrum but is really planning things the way you want that rude? I always thought you were supposed to enjoy the planning? Honestly right now I couldn’t be dreading it more…

“Get that pushchair I’ve seen a lot of people with it.” Or “hold the baby properly, you’re not doing it right!” So help me I don’t attack. “Give me that (baby), I’ll show you how to do it!”

If I ask advise me otherwise LET ME BE!!!


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