It’s the final countdown!

Do do Doo do do…

I won’t carry on.

I’m so close now to becoming a mum. Even that’s so strange to write, think or even say. I feel guilty for spending days watching as many tv series and film as I can but enjoying my lazy days is set to become a thing of the past very shortly so I know I shouldn’t but it’s hard.

Strangely I feel relaxed like being strapped in to a roller-coaster at a theme park and realising there is no turning back the only option is to accept what’s happening and brace myself for what lies ahead. I’ll spend most of my time with my eyes tightly shut – my main coping mechanism for fear – occasionally taking a peak to check in with the world around me. Once it’s over and only then do I ever appreciate what I’ve just done. At times I may relish in the idea this is the closest to flying we can get.


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