Back to earth… almost.

Its almost been 8 weeks since I had my baby boy!

Wow it actually baffles me how I can no longer imagine my life any other way. I was constantly told this until I wanted to scream as until going through it myself I could never understand. Everything they say about having a baby is true.

At 7+ weeks he has an almost routine – all of his own doing – giving me more time to get back to the previously ignored housework (ugh!) at first the idea upset me – I’d be spending my days cleaning J, myself and the house! – now however I’ve found I can use his nap-times to write more, organise our cupboards and start to get the house to the standard I want it!

I’m know there are mothers that have MUCH more experience than I do who will tell me that it won’t last and that there will come a point when I can’t wait to get away at any opportunity. I hope I don’t get to that point that any time away from him is to keep me being me, to keep the passion in my relationship and to reconnect with family & friends that may have been ignored as result of my intense love for my boy. If I do then its clearly for the best as wanting to escape is just a warning and if left to brew can become something much worse.


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