Fashion’s latest recruit!

I’m probably not the only mum that has this has happened to but I’ve found that since I’ve been off work I’ve found a whole new love for fashion like serious love! I’ve been reading Vogue, Cosmo and following the Fashion Weeks! I wouldn’t normally be this interested but it seems now I can’t help it! I’ve been shopping so much more and not just any old thing I’m buying statements pieces, following trends I’ve taken a fancy to and appreciating the designers details. I can now go into a store and create a look that can be timeless. I am no longer afraid to check out the brights or the pastels.

I do absolutely love the change in myself not as I probably seem to have become very vain but that I can now feel more confident with my appearance. Not confident in order to gain attention but just so I feel put together rather than feeling like scraps all bundled up held together by stickers. I hope that this interest is one that stays with me, its made me feel much better about myself and I hope its a new lifelong hobby! Even though I’m a new mummy I still think its important I look presentable however that doesn’t mean I don’t have lazy can’t-be-bothered-to-even-brush-my-hair days (having one today) it just means that when I do go out to me I look and feel good.

If anyone else has a interest in fashion, any tips, ideas, blogs I should be following please comment to let me know!!

Create your own look!

Make it your own, don’t change yourself change what’s around you! x


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