Sling It!

So today I went to a Sling Library my very first time!! While walking there I was feeling apprehensive, nervous and excited! So I used that time to try and relax myself which meant singing out loud thankfully at times like this I have J with me so I don’t look as crazy as I would without him. However I needn’t have stressed about it as I had a great time got to meet some lovely mummies and babies plus got to try out a sling!

I’m normally quite shy when it comes to talking to new people especially other mums but the babies as an ice breaker things are just a little bit easier! J was on his A-game bringing out his beaming dimpled smile, yelling ‘mama, mum’ and bouncing around. He’s so beautiful its hard not to be distracted by him.

The lovely lady that ran the sling library was just finishing up with another mum then it was my turn, I had no idea what to expect. She asked me what my plans for baby-wearing were and told me about all of the different types of slings/wraps available. I decided on a wrap as I liked the look of those best plus they seemed more convenient – no hooks or buckles to fiddle with. Once she showed me how to wear the wrap with easy step-by-step instructions then came the scary did I follow it properly? Did I drift off and miss anything? I had to put J in and he loved it! My only feedback was that I needed to tie it tighter! Yay! I can now wear a wrap! I’ve hired it for 2 weeks so hopefully we can get a lot of walks in and mama can get fitter!

I should probably add I am currently wearing the sling waiting for J to wake up so we can  potter around the house with it!! So excited! How things change when you become a mother! 😀 😀 😀


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