8 Important Healthy Habits to Start TODAY

Doing at least one new thing helps change your perspective!!

The Elsbury Fam

8 Important Healthy Habits

It’s time to think about some things… Let’s ask ourselves some questions. Do I love my life? Out of 1-10, how productive am I in a day? Do I often make excuses for things I know I should be doing? And now the most important one: Do I love myself?

If you feel some kind of guilt after reading that (I do), read these 8 life-changing, simple habits to create a life that you can fall in love with (and a better body!):

1. Make fruits and vegetables HALF of every meal & snack.

Not just a quarter of your meal, or a few grapes a day… half of every meal and snack should be straight up raw or steamed produce! Guys, this is one of the most beneficial lifestyle changes you will ever make. It will keep you fuller longer, reduce your cravings, and supply your body with the…

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