Let me have my moment. 

So I’m finding the older J gets the more I feels as if I should be doing things on my own. I mean everyone else gets so why shouldn’t I? J is learning to be independent cruising around the house, trying to scale the highest peaks (stairs) and taking food into his own hands (doesn’t eat it). R works and has at least 3 social occasions every week. I have one. I do enjoy getting to go out even if it is only for an hour and we don’t get much time to talk as everyone else has been at work all day and just wants to go home. 

I’VE BEEN AT HOME ALL DAY!! I only scream in my head never aloud. 

I guess it’s difficult. If it wasn’t baby/social life balance I’m sure I’d be struggling with work/life balance.  I know I’m having a bad day but it’s when you’re down you think about these things. I’m sure I’ll wake up tomo thinking ‘I wouldn’t change this for the world but today allow me to wallow if only for the brief moment I have to write this post. 


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