Take that step 

Sometimes, you just need to believe in yourself. 

You can. 

– Yes, you can make that meal and it’s going to be amazing! 

– You can overcome your anxiety and you will be able to drive a car. 

– You can be the best parent/partner/friend

and you can do all of these things well. All of these things made in fact still make me nervous but believe I can do them has helped me so much. I definitely feel more confident within myself which in turn has led me to take better steps with my diet. I’m not eating better and feeling great for it. 

– You can try sewing and make yourself a bag. 

It didn’t turn out amazing but who cares I still did it and I’ll be working on it until its fabulous!! My boyfriend is so supportive I know for sure without him I would have most of the things that fill me with dread. He keeps me grounded.  

– You can go to the mum and baby groups

This was a very tricky one for me and it still is. The walk there was dreadful that sicky feeling in my stomach, the aches, lightheaded – is it really worth all of this?! No, no it’s not 90% of the mums already had their own cliques and the others just weren’t interested. Those that were were flash in the pan. So I decided to go another way about it. I go to the park more often as it seems less and then it’s just a chance encounter. Less forced. I can honestly say it’s easier to meet and talk to other mums at the park or even on your doorstep! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are lots of friendly mums that go to these groups! I guess I just wasn’t lucky enough to meet you. 

I know I’m lucky whereby I battle with my anxiety and come out on top most days, it’s not the same for everyone but I hope that something somewhere no matter how big or small will help those who don’t find a little thing that pushes them towards the sun. 


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