Summer Clearance!

McBobby's Mind

This was me almost exactly 1 year ago.

Hmm… hopefully after trying the KonMari method I won’t be in this position next year!!

*fingers crossed*

The idea of clearing out all of the wardrobes in the house has been with me for months!

The task is ultimately daunting – sorting through EVERY single item and categorising it. I’m totally in love with the image of what the end result will look like however getting to the image implanted in my mind feels labour-some!

Enough with the back and forth! I will persevere! I will have the beautifully organised wardrobe I want! I must have it!

This is a painstakingly slow task but I must persevere as I know once it’s finished I’ll be very happy with my beautifully organised wardrobe!!

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