Sort it out!

I’ve had this blog for quite some time now and I still don’t post regularly or even have a schedule!!! As I’m trying to be organised in all areas of life I feel I should get this site sorted! It’s quite a frustrating process as not all of my time is own but if anyone has any pointers they’d be appreciated! 🙂 

I started the blog as a way to help me deal with my anxiety, as a way to get my thoughts out of my head which I hoped would help me relax more. I’m always in my head. Always. Its my tried and tested method – write it down as you’ll relax and feel better about things. Right now as per usual my thoughts whiz round a mile a minute until there’s nothing but empty space, so freeing. I digress, once I’m organised I think it’ll be easier for me to process my world. Jeez that sounds weird but *shrug*

that is actually how it feels.

My plan is to:

  • Write whenever possible
  • Schedule a post so I don’t feel like I’m slacking
  • Try to interact with others more
  • Have a clear mind



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