Give me just a little more time!

Everything takes time. Some things take minutes or hours, some things takes days or weeks and some can even take years. Since becoming a mother I’ve wished for more time almost everyday; I want more time in bed to at least rest if Bubble wont let me sleep, I need more time to do the housework so I can relax more in the evenings, I’d like more time to make myself look presentable in the mornings and oh the list goes on but I don’t have much time left… I’m sure Bubble is going to get bored of playing at any moment.

I would write while he’s asleep but I missed nap-time and I need to write or my head might explode! 

Being organised isn’t a trait I’m naturally blessed with so getting organised takes a lot of effort and time. I’ve tried almost everything to get myself into a super organised routine but it just doesn’t stick. The only coping technique is just to get on with it and do the best you can with the time you have! It takes time and the ability to force yourself if you don’t have motivation but you can get it done! 

Let’s do this! 


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