That’s the worst!!! 

It’s having a busy few weeks so you try to be super organised and schedule some posts so you’re actually putting yourself out there and finally having a calm enough moment that you actually remember to check your blog and read some posts only to find that the scheduled posts are just chilling there without a care in the world! 

Do they not understand I am super busy?! 
What is life? 

Its nota biggie more just a buggy, ha-no just terrible. 

I hope my catch up posts make sense as I’ve got lots to share! Life is changing and it’s a scary ride but I’ve just got to get on with it and do the best I can. 

You can’t knock a trier! 

So I’ve taken more time than I actually have to write this brief catch up so now I must once again don my headless chicken costume and resume life as I now know it! 

Weds 24th – I can’t believe it’s taken me 4 hours to get this to upload! What is happening?! Internet I can’t have you turn against me now!   

Thurs 25th – for some reason I still can’t get my post to load!!! 😩😩😩 what’s happening?! 

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just a solo issue. 😭😭😭

Enough woe is me. If anyone actually gets to see this please let me know before I send myself over the edge. 

Last attempt. 

Be strong! 

Since I last wrote a post I’ve gone back to work and left work. It was supposed to be my entryway back into working rather than being at home with my little one. It was supposed to be an easy admin role fixed for 6 months. It was supposed to be a way to help me regain working confidence. 

However, it seems that some people/force of nature decided that that wasn’t going to be the case. 

I was there for 3 months and felt nothing other than harassed, mistreated and stressed. The job was way too basic for that to be the case. So I did what I thought was best for myself and my family and decided to leave (not that staying would’ve been an ideal option). 

Since leaving I’ve not once regretted my decision to leave when I did. I don’t miss the job and there were about 3/4 people I actually spoke to on a real level. It almost feels as though it didn’t really happen and I’ve just had a horribly vivid nightmare. 

As it’s now in the past I’m not going to dwell on it any longer as I have MUCH bigger things to think about/plan for!!! 

The only take away I can offer is ‘don’t let someone walk all over you and treat you terribly just because you’re new or because you’re different, they don’t deserve you. 

Peace and love✌🏾️💜