4 months…

I can’t believe I have 4 months of this pregnancy left. 4 months. It’s gone so fast. Too fast. I’m definitely not ready. 

I don’t think it’ll sink that I’m a mother of two until I get home from hospital and the chaos begins. Two children. 2 children. I’m going to have 2 children that are mine. 

This might sound like I’m not excited believe me I am. It’s still a lot to handle. Like a A LOT but I’ve got the best partner for the journey so I know I’ll be ok – As if he needed to prove himself.  I have so far spent the weekend in bed and he has delivered each of my meals plus drinks, all while entertaining our bus-obsessed 2 year old – what an angel. 

I’ll be honest this isn’t the first time and I guarantee it won’t be the last.  As being a parent and being pregnant again is both scary and exciting but I’m looking forward to it even though I’m not ready. 

Update: I wrote this but never posted it. I should have, so here it is. My life has been kicked up several notches yet I wouldn’t change it. 


Sling It!

So today I went to a Sling Library my very first time!! While walking there I was feeling apprehensive, nervous and excited! So I used that time to try and relax myself which meant singing out loud thankfully at times like this I have J with me so I don’t look as crazy as I would without him. However I needn’t have stressed about it as I had a great time got to meet some lovely mummies and babies plus got to try out a sling!

I’m normally quite shy when it comes to talking to new people especially other mums but the babies as an ice breaker things are just a little bit easier! J was on his A-game bringing out his beaming dimpled smile, yelling ‘mama, mum’ and bouncing around. He’s so beautiful its hard not to be distracted by him.

The lovely lady that ran the sling library was just finishing up with another mum then it was my turn, I had no idea what to expect. She asked me what my plans for baby-wearing were and told me about all of the different types of slings/wraps available. I decided on a wrap as I liked the look of those best plus they seemed more convenient – no hooks or buckles to fiddle with. Once she showed me how to wear the wrap with easy step-by-step instructions then came the scary did I follow it properly? Did I drift off and miss anything? I had to put J in and he loved it! My only feedback was that I needed to tie it tighter! Yay! I can now wear a wrap! I’ve hired it for 2 weeks so hopefully we can get a lot of walks in and mama can get fitter!

I should probably add I am currently wearing the sling waiting for J to wake up so we can  potter around the house with it!! So excited! How things change when you become a mother! 😀 😀 😀


Fashion’s latest recruit!

I’m probably not the only mum that has this has happened to but I’ve found that since I’ve been off work I’ve found a whole new love for fashion like serious love! I’ve been reading Vogue, Cosmo and following the Fashion Weeks! I wouldn’t normally be this interested but it seems now I can’t help it! I’ve been shopping so much more and not just any old thing I’m buying statements pieces, following trends I’ve taken a fancy to and appreciating the designers details. I can now go into a store and create a look that can be timeless. I am no longer afraid to check out the brights or the pastels.

I do absolutely love the change in myself not as I probably seem to have become very vain but that I can now feel more confident with my appearance. Not confident in order to gain attention but just so I feel put together rather than feeling like scraps all bundled up held together by stickers. I hope that this interest is one that stays with me, its made me feel much better about myself and I hope its a new lifelong hobby! Even though I’m a new mummy I still think its important I look presentable however that doesn’t mean I don’t have lazy can’t-be-bothered-to-even-brush-my-hair days (having one today) it just means that when I do go out to me I look and feel good.

If anyone else has a interest in fashion, any tips, ideas, blogs I should be following please comment to let me know!!

Create your own look!

Make it your own, don’t change yourself change what’s around you! x


Back to earth… almost.

Its almost been 8 weeks since I had my baby boy!

Wow it actually baffles me how I can no longer imagine my life any other way. I was constantly told this until I wanted to scream as until going through it myself I could never understand. Everything they say about having a baby is true.

At 7+ weeks he has an almost routine – all of his own doing – giving me more time to get back to the previously ignored housework (ugh!) at first the idea upset me – I’d be spending my days cleaning J, myself and the house! – now however I’ve found I can use his nap-times to write more, organise our cupboards and start to get the house to the standard I want it!

I’m know there are mothers that have MUCH more experience than I do who will tell me that it won’t last and that there will come a point when I can’t wait to get away at any opportunity. I hope I don’t get to that point that any time away from him is to keep me being me, to keep the passion in my relationship and to reconnect with family & friends that may have been ignored as result of my intense love for my boy. If I do then its clearly for the best as wanting to escape is just a warning and if left to brew can become something much worse.


It’s the final countdown!

Do do Doo do do…

I won’t carry on.

I’m so close now to becoming a mum. Even that’s so strange to write, think or even say. I feel guilty for spending days watching as many tv series and film as I can but enjoying my lazy days is set to become a thing of the past very shortly so I know I shouldn’t but it’s hard.

Strangely I feel relaxed like being strapped in to a roller-coaster at a theme park and realising there is no turning back the only option is to accept what’s happening and brace myself for what lies ahead. I’ll spend most of my time with my eyes tightly shut – my main coping mechanism for fear – occasionally taking a peak to check in with the world around me. Once it’s over and only then do I ever appreciate what I’ve just done. At times I may relish in the idea this is the closest to flying we can get.